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Youth Sports Performance Training Programs


60 minute program for young athletes; grades 3 – 5

This program touches on the ABC’s of physical fitness: agility, balance, and coordination. Designed to introduce children and athlete’s younger siblings to Elite’s facility, so when it comes time for them to start training in or out of season they are prepared! This program will teach proper warm-up and stretching techniques, along with healthy habits by combining the use of basic cardiovascular equipment and fun, challenging game play!

Elite Acceleration

Division 1: 60 minute program for high school and college athletes; grades 9+

Division 2: 60 minute program for middle school athletes; grades 6 – 8

Focuses on the foundation and development of strength and conditioning with a strong emphasis on speed and explosive power.  Instruction includes learning proper mechanics for running and plyometrics, as well as improving dynamic flexibility.  Testing for muscular strength and endurance, vertical jump ability, agility and balance are conducted.  Athletes receive pre- and post- speed tests using the Woodway Force, a superior treadmill proven to increase velocity.  All athletes perform sessions using the Woodway Force and ThoroTread Power Treadmill, proven to enhance upper and lower body power, strength, speed, and muscular endurance. This programs “builds a better athlete” by reducing the risk of injury and increasing coordination, strength, stability and agility.


Mix & Match ALL Sports Performance Classes

2x/week Training Program – $160/month

3x/week Training Program – $240/month

Drop In – $25/class

*Program Pricing based on a 4 week month and EFT Agreement


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